A new school for a new world

Everything is possible.
We can build anything.

We are transforming education — from a process of teaching passive students into an approach that develops active, lifelong learners.

While we can’t predict the future, we can equip our children to be prepared for any version of the future world, and to be highly capable and compassionate builders of that world.

Most traditional schools were built for a different era, the first Industrial Age, where compliance and rote learning were valued over emotional intelligence, purposeful creativity, and multidisciplinary synthesis.

Through our extensive experience as educators, we know that within a safe and nurturing environment, all children can develop into self-motivated learners who are capable of joy and wonder, independent and critical thought, self-awareness, inventiveness, and emotional resilience. When we nourish emotional intelligence and a growth mindset alongside cognitive development in the areas of scientific curiosity, pattern systems, and decision-making frameworks, everything becomes possible.

We want our children not to think of themselves as students, doing their best within conventional boundaries, but as self-motivated and inspired learners, with an infinite blank canvas.

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What happens in the Day In a Life of a Lumineer?

Each day is incredibly dynamic because we deliver tailored learning experiences to ensure the whole development of each individual child. Take a peek inside to see what a typical day for a typical student might look like.

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Learning Explorations Gallery.

Learning Explorations are dynamic and collaborative project arcs that weave all of our learning, including STEM, Humanities, and core skills knowledge, into a cohesive whole. Children work through multidisciplinary frameworks, imbued with authentic real world purpose and meaning, to create and deliver solutions that address real human issues.

Discover a New Way of Learning.

The work of our Lumineers is driven by the Luminaria Education Model, which is grounded in rigorous methodology, learning frameworks, significant inquiry, expansive exploration, and human-inspired problem solving.

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