Is it Magic? Using technology to create a wonder-filled world

May 9 - June 6, 2018

Is it Magic? Using technology to create a wonder-filled world

How do we know what is real about the world and what is only imagined? How do we use our senses to interact with and comprehend the world around us? How is new technology augmenting our ability to perceive the world in powerful and magical ways?

From birth, all living organisms engage with their surrounding environment in many wondrous ways. From touch to taste to smell, our own sensory systems are awakened by the different experiences that we encounter every second. These sensory experiences shape our perception of the world and they are also send us vitally important positive or negative signals about our environment.

With new technology, our sensory systems are now being invoked in ways we couldn’t have previously imagined. From 4D movie theatres to the use of haptic feedback in everyday technology, where we can simulate the sense of touch by applying forces, vibrations, or motions, we now live in a world of constant stimulation.

How can we use this emerging technology to benefit humanity? Can we use our newly acquired technology superpowers for good, and design new products and services using augmented sensory systems to help others?

Using simple circuitry, coding, and digital tools, children will be introduced to a series of challenges and tools that incorporates the use of Makey Makeys, a circuit board capable of turning almost anything conductive into an interactive object. Over the course of 5 weeks students will learn about design processes through challenges that will develop an understanding of simple circuitry and how to augment our human senses.

Important Note: No experience in circuitry or coding is required to participate in the program. All content will be available to all children that participate in the program.

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Age range:
Open to all children from the public, 7-12 years old.
All children from all schools everywhere are welcome to attend.
Our award winning Lumineer Academy educators
May 9 - June 6, 2018
Wednesdays 4:00pm - 5.30pm
Lumineer Academy, Makerspace,
126 Nelson Place, Williamstown VIC
Price: $250, includes the cost of all materials.

Weekly Overview

WEEK 1 - How can we reduce elderly fall rates within Australia?

Every year, millions of elderly people around the world suffer injuries due to falls. How can we design better systems and products to assist some of the most vulnerable humans in our community?

In this workshop, students will be rapidly coached through the Luminaria Design Framework to design and create new solutions to this global problem. Learning about simple circuitry and ideas around conductivity, students will solve for this problem through the use of makey makeys and lay the foundation for future challenges.

WEEK 2 - Can we get our pets to talk to us?

Australians love their pets! There are almost as many pets as there are humans. In 2016, Australians owned 24 million pets and spent $12.2 billion on pet products ranging from pet spas to healthy food. In a world where pets have become important family members, what kinds of products can we create to enhance human and pet relationships?

In this workshop, students will identify and work to develop a solution to better understand the needs of our pets through the development of a communication tool using makey makeys. By designing and developing an interactive prototype, students will need to empathise with our furry friends and design a product that improves their quality of life.

WEEK 3 - How can we make video gaming a healthier experience?

Video gaming has been rapidly growing in popularity, and eSports are now drawing live viewing audiences of millions. From the youngest in our community to the oldest, we all know someone who is passionate about, and possibly addicted to, video gaming. How can we contribute to creating a healthier game playing experience?

WEEK 4 - How can we make art galleries fun, dynamic environments?

Our modern era has seen art evolve dramatically, to elicit our emotional responses in a multitude of ways. Walk into any modern museum around the world, and you’ll see how our sensory systems are pulled in a range of directions, inviting us to look at moving images, hear sounds, or even engage our olfactory system (smell and taste) to enhance our experiences.

Using Makey Makeys, students rethink how they may be able to take a static art piece, picture or statue and turn this into an interactive art piece that engages a range of senses through touch and sound.

WEEK 5 - How do we make cities more mobile safe?

Nearly everyone is attached to their mobile phone at all hours of the day. Unfortunately, this has led to an increase in pedestrian deaths worldwide. In 2016, pedestrians accounted for 13% of all road deaths around the country, demonstrating a 5% increase from the previous 5 years. Cities such as Honolulu have moved to fining pedestrians who cross the road with phones in their hands but is there a better way?

In this last workshop, students will synthesize all of their newfound knowledge about circuitry and human senses to develop a new product that can help prevent pedestrian fatalities. They'll use their new technical know how to develop a new intervention system to alert pedestrians of the dangers involved in using mobile phones whilst walking. Working through the Luminaria Design Framework, students will ideate, prototype and test new and innovative solutions to help make our cities safer for pedestrians.

What are Lumineer Expeditions?

Lumineer Expeditions are hands on after school workshops open to all children from the community, led by our fully qualified and certified educators, in our dedicated makerspace.

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Lumineer Expeditions are a series of hands-on after school workshops where you get to dream up fantastical ideas and make them in our dedicated makerspace built for kids.

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Lumineer Expeditions are based on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths), a curriculum designed to provide kids with the tools and knowledge to invent, design, and construct new innovations. We aren't just any ordinary STEM workshop - we teach STEM playfully and joyfully, and in a human and social context.

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The Luminaria Educational Philosophy recognizes our children as truly whole human beings - we cultivate a balance of character strengths, a robust and inquisitive mind, and the fluency to work collaboratively to transform ideas into impact.

We also equip our children with the context they need to comprehend the world they live in, and help them build engaged empathy, ethical grounding, and critical thinking -- all imbued with authentic purpose and meaning.

Luminaria prepares our children to understand, contribute to, and become courageous architects of our rapidly changing world.

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